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The Quality Assurance Unit (SPM) was originally named the Quality Assurance Agency (BPM) which was formed by the Rector's Decree Number 003a / KEP / J36 / HK / 2006. SPM was formed in line with the new paradigm of higher education as outlined in the 2006-2010 Long Term Higher Education Development Framework (KPPTJP). According to the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 30 of 2012 concerning Organization and Management of UM, as an institution, SPM as a Technical Implementing Unit (UPT) has the task of carrying out matters of quality assurance of education, research, and community service at UM. According to the OTK, the SPM consists of a chairman, a sub-division of administration, and a group of functional positions / technical personnel. To strengthen the performance of SPM, through UM Rector Decree Number 2.2.63 / UN32 / KP / 2015 of 2015 concerning the Quality Assurance Team of State University of Malang, the SPM team plus a secretary and four coordinators of fields, namely fields; a) publication, b) accreditation, c) standardization, and d) quality audit. With the new OTK, the SPM leader is assisted by a subdivision head, a secretary and four staff (PUMK, PPU, data, and general assistants).

Since 2007, a quality assurance unit (UPM) and a quality assurance group (GPM) have been established which are located in the faculties and departments. Like SPM, UPM / GPM is an academic functional unit in the faculty which is a partner of faculty / department leaders in the implementation of quality assurance in the academic field.

The main task of internal quality assurance in the academic field is carried out by (a) formulating quality standards based on the vision and mission, (b) implementing the set standards, (c) carrying out monitoring to find obstacles and obstacles to program implementation, (d) carrying out self-evaluation to meet - recognize the objective conditions (strengths and weaknesses) of yourself, (e) carry out internal audits to determine the achievement of standards, and (f) formulate corrective measures and or formulate new standards in order to improve quality on an ongoing basis. The quality assurance cycle that is implemented can be described in the following chart.

Chart: Quality Assurance Cycle

Program activities that have been and are being implemented by SPM are (1) increasing the implementation of layoffs including (a) internal monev for PHK, (b) PIC assistance, (c) internal review of dismissal proposals, and (d) internal monev workshops; (2) improvement of study program quality standards includes (a) study program quality standard workshops / preparation of study program specifications, competency maps, SOPs and Work Instructions for study programs / departments, (b) study program accreditation workshops, and (c) internal review of proposals for study program accreditation; (3) achievement and improvement of standards including (a) training in academic quality internal audit (AIMA) and (b) implementation of AIMA; (4) improving the quality of learning which includes (a) monev learning, (b) monev graduation and judicium, and (c) learning monev training; and (5) increased service satisfaction which includes (a) service satisfaction surveys and (b) employee satisfaction surveys. By implementing these programs, in 2008 MU received a certificate of appreciation from the Directorate General of Higher Education Number 3512 / D / T / 2008 dated 20 October 2008 for the success of implementing the internal quality assurance system (SPMI) at UM.

In its development, SPM has implemented various programs including increasing human resources in the field of academic and administrative audits and increasing the implementation of quality assurance, by implementing: 1) monitoring and evaluation of learning and analysis of GPA at the judiciary; 2) carry out academic audits at faculties, pps and institutions as well as study programs; 3) conducting public service satisfaction surveys in service units, namely (a) UPT Libraries, (b) Polyclinics, (c) Subag Registration and Statistics, (d) Student Affairs Section, (e) Education and Evaluation Subagencies; 4) conducting administrative audits at BAU (now BUK) and BAAKPSI (now BAKPIK); 5) conducting workshops for the preparation of accreditation forms for Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate study programs; 6) provide assistance and internal reviews of 26 study program accreditation proposals; and 7) conducting online evaluation of lecturer workload (BKD) odd semester 2012/2013 for the first time. Various activity programs coordinated by SPM and related units at UM have succeeded in compiling institutional accreditation forms (AIPT) and obtained an A accreditation score from BAN PT in 2014.

SPM Organizational Structure:

Head, Dr. H. Imam Agus Basuki, M.Pd, Phone Number 081-252-625-02, E-mail:

SecretaryDr. Swasono Rahardjo, S.Pd, MS, Phone Number 081-230-269-307, E-mail:

Field Coordinator:

National Accreditation, Syaiful Hamzah Nasution, S.Si, M.Pd, (085-646-442-351), E-mail:

Accreditation Inter, Ani Wilujeng Suryani, SE, M. AcctgFin, Ph.D, (081-233-616-20), E-mail:

Internal Quality Audit, Drs. H. Mohammad Arief, M.Si, (087-859-428-528), E-mail:

Standardization, Drs. Purbo Swasosono, Msi (081-233-194-90), E-mail:

Database, Dyah Lestari, ST, M.Eng. (081-805-055-89), E-mail:

Supporting Administration:

Doni Irwanto, S.Kom, (081-233-983-05), E-mail:

Staff, Sunaryo, SE (A2.3), Hp. 085101396472, E-mail:

Staff, Yohanes Eko Handoyo (A2.3), Hp. 085233287118, E-mail:

Staff, Choirul Arfan (A2.3), Hp. 082264477790, E-mail:

Staff, Badrus Zaman Habibie, SE. (A2.3), Hp. 089696698821, E-mail:

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